Premier Edition

Atulos Online is free and you are welcome to play free of charge for as long as you like. However, if you enjoy Atulos Online, Premier Edition offers you the ultimate Atulos experience, no matter what level you are!

Atulos Online Premier Edition is available as a DLC purchase from the Atulos Online Steam Store page. Unlike other MMORPGs, there are no ongoing fees. Premier Edition is your lifetime pass to the complete Atulos Online experience!

The following benefits are available to Premier Edition players:

The boss battle with Atulos himself

In this version, Atulos finally rises, and you are able to enter the Catacombs under his tomb to embark on a journey to meet Atulos face to face inside his fortress.

Access to many new quests

As a Premier Edition player, you can become a mercenary for the Army of Arphax, unlocking a huge number of new quests and challenges to complete for both low level and high level players. When a quest is completed, a player is rewarded with levels, rather than endlessly training on monsters.

Here is a Player being sent on a Quest!

New areas to explore

The world of Atulos is larger and offers new areas. For example, The Palace of Kings is the largest Dungeon in Atulos history.

This is the entrance to the Palace of Kings

Access to new items and shops

A range of new weapons and defence items are available to players of all levels. Get the advantage over the free version players and buy some real equipment!

New enemies

There are new enemies to destroy, the Axe Slayers in the Sacred Chamber are easier to defeat, the Forest earns higher experience points and there are new enemies in a lot of old places, giving you more areas in which to level and train.