Welcome to Atulos Online! If you don't already have the game, download it here.

Quick Start

Create a character, then login as that character. Click on the screen as far from where you are as possible to move. The first area has an inn and the first shop. Click on a door to enter a shop or inn.

Enter the first dungeon to the East. Kill the first two monsters. Combat with monsters is automatic. Stand still to regenerate HP. Open the first two chests after killing the monsters, then go back to the first shop and buy a weapon.

The game saves your character when you rest at an inn or exit cleanly. If your character dies, it goes back to the last save point. Each dungeon has an Amulet Chest, the key of which is guarded by a stronger monster. To kill this monster, weapons and armor must be bought from shops located further to the East. The amulets let you into new areas that are magically sealed.

Combat with players is possible by pressing Control or right click. After defeating the first boss, the game becomes much larger, including the Quest of the Orbs.

Firewall Settings

When you first run Atulos Online and login, you may be prompted by Windows Firewall (or other similar software) to allow or deny network access to "Clickteam Fusion Stand Alone Application". In order to play Atulos Online, you will need to allow it access to the Internet when prompted.

Download and Connect

To get started, go to the Atulos Online Steam Store page and install it. You must be connected to the Internet and running Steam to play Atulos Online. If your connection to the server drops out, the game will continuously attempt to reconnect.

The Opening Menu

When Atulos Online starts, you will be presented with an opening menu. You can choose to continue an existing character or create a new one. If you have never played Atulos Online (or you want to play a new character), click on Create Character. If you have played Atulos Online before, then you can continue developing your character further each time you play. To do this click on Continue Character.

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by taking the following steps:

  1. If you are not signed in to this website, click Sign in through STEAM at the top-right of any page.
  2. Once signed in, click your Steam avatar at the top-right of any page, and click the My Characters menu option.
  3. Find the character in the list whose password you would like to change and click on it.
  4. You will be shown detailed information about your character and a form to change your password. Enter your new password and press Save.
  5. You should now be able to login to Atulos Online as that character using the new password you chose.

Create a Character

On this screen there are three questions that must be answered. You must enter a name for your character. All names are acceptable, apart from the names of existing characters and other players. DO NOT use parentheses in your name. You must then choose a password and then re-enter it to ensure it was entered correctly. Be very careful, because passwords are case sensitive. Finally, you must choose the character class. When the questions are answered, click on the Submit button to create your character. If the Please Try Again message is displayed, this means that your password was not entered correctly or that your chosen player name already exists. Simply re-enter your information and try again. You can create as many characters as you like.

Continue a Character

Once you have created a character, you can develop your character further each time you play. To do this, enter your player's name and password then click on the Click to Enter button. Atulos awaits you!

Moving Around

Your character will begin at the last inn at which you rested. If it is your first game, you will start in the first area. To make your character move, click with the left mouse button on a part of the screen. Your character will then move towards it. To find out what another payer is called, hover the mouse pointer over that player. To enter a shop or inn, click on the door. Similarly, to talk to a non-player character, click on the character. To move from one area to the next, take your character really close to the edge of the screen. To exit back to the main menu, press ESC. Only exit the game using ESC, otherwise your player may not be saved.


To attack another player, press Control or click the right mouse button. Your character will attack in the direction it is facing. To attack a computer controlled enemy, simply approach the enemy. It is not necessary to press Control or click the right mouse button. A character is defeated when its HP (hit points) reaches zero. When this happens, the character will restart from the last inn at which it rested and a loss of items and statistics may occur. When a character defeats a computer controlled opponent, it gains experience points. When these experience points accumulate, they are added to the character's statistics on the bottom left of the screen. These statistics include Level, Wisdom, Strength, Attack, Defence and HP. The higher these statistics, the more powerful the character becomes. Resting at an inn results in a full recovery of HP and saves the progress of the game. A character can regain lost HP by standing still, away from other characters. HP can also be recovered by clicking on an HP Potion located on the left of the menu. HP Potions can be mixed at the house of alchemy in the forest.

Chat Features

The game also acts like a chat room. The chat box at the center of the bottom menu bar contains the ongoing chat from the area or room that your character is in. Chat consists of the name of the sender, followed by a message. Only chat from the area you are in can be seen. The text box under the chat box on the menu bar is where you enter your message. To begin chatting, simply start typing your message and press Enter to send it. You should see your message appear in the chat box. The chat box has a vertical scroll bar, so that a player can look back at the previous conversation. If any problems occur with the text box or chat box, simply double click on the chat box to clear it.

The chat system has some special commands, such as listing online players and global chat. To learn about these commands, type /help in the chat box.


There are numerous quests in the game that center around recovering the Amulets of Atulos. Amulets act as keys allowing entry to various parts of the ancient kingdom. Amulets can be found in chests along with gold. All chests are locked and the keys are guarded by enemy characters. Chests and enemy characters are typically found in dungeons. Keys cannot be removed from dungeons as they are bound there magically. At least three Amulets of Atulos are required to enter the castle of Atulos. Along the way, players will also be faced with boss fights.

After defeating the first boss, the game becomes much larger, including the Quest for the Orbs and rare shops.

There is also a Gladiator Arena for online battles with players and guilds. The Arena is run by Event Masters and regular events are scheduled for the Arena.


Players can join a guild in the game. To join or start a guild, in the chat box type /guild followed by the guild name. For example, to join the X guild, type/guild X to join.


The sound in Atulos Online consists of background music and foreground sound effects. The background music can be turned off during the game by pressing Control-S. The sound can be completely turned off by pressing Control-S during the main menu screen when the game is first started. This is useful if you wish to listen to your own music while playing.