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There's simply little to no traffic coming through. The best spot that I can think of, to post downloads for windows game applications is most likely steam, now and days, the audience and traffic through there is banging. On the bad side, throwing Atu'los up on Steam Greenlight comes with a one-time fee of 100 dollars, if the chance arises to do it. The traffic it could provide; Might be worth it, even if a free version of Atu'los was posted up, just something that would bring people through to try it before they buy it.

Truthfully, nobody is to blame for the state of Atu'los. It comes with the territory of game development, getting a player is easy as throwing a download link at someone, but keeping that player for a long period of time, is like a full time job, and for one that already has a full time job, and needs to pay them bills, that should have a higher priority over a game that doesn't pay the bills.

It's not the players fault either, if a potential player does not know where to download Atu'los, then how can they play it? It's just not easy to throw a full advertising campaign considering most players either facebook game or steam game anymore...

Yep, you pretty much say it as it is, Richy.

Well myself I love the way this game is updated mine you there is place for more but that is no reason why everyone has left but me . I don't quite understand you persons . I just don't , you have the greatest game that I ever played and wars and friends and all. And you people just leave it . Well I didn't leave and don't plan to and you can bank on it I would pay again to stay in the game mini

It's all in personal preference, mini. I would not dare doubt your love for this game.

But I have to be honest, personally I pretty much given up on playing Atu'los. I'm at level 318 and the only reason of my being in the game is for 2 more levels to reach the cap, I even forgot the times of wars so, I've little interest of joining them anyways if there's no opponents.

The game was great; I've always enjoyed the fast leveling, mixed with the small community of friends and the Arena. Those key points were what kept regulars around, but those same regulars have gotten older, got wives/hubbies, made children, have jobs, technology populated further than Windows/Mac computers, it's just not the same as it were 8 years ago.

Furthermore, the engine of which Atu'los is built under; Steve made a passing of it in another topic; MMF2 isn't very easy to get a development team on, and from personal experience of mapping on MMF2, it took several hours to get one level mapped out, not to mention what time Camm had to take to get them all in the game and make them playable.

It's a very time consuming process. I regret giving Camm a hard time about everything in Atu'los, because I've witnessed first hand how hard it is to handle a game and a player base, I don't even have a wife or children! Feel bad for that homie lol.

Jesus, the level cap is 320?


What happened to the good old days of being like, level 30,000 in the forest, laughing at the newbies? Wow I've not played in a long time.


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