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I don't have many ideas, but I want to open a public discussion about what we can do.

At this point the most effective method to get new/old players to play is word to mouth advertisement. Unfortunetally I do not have any connections to old players. But if someone has contacts to former clan members or something like that. I'd suggest to talk to them.

Second point I have is to find reasons why people left Atulos. And can those reasons be fixed. With this I mean about actual content of the game. Did people enjoy new updates? Why/why not? How Atulos could be improved.

And third. Advertisement. How is Atulos being advertised in the future. We need both short and long term goals. Realistic goals that we can manage. What is the direction Atulos is going? When I played years ago 3D version was in development. Well we all can se that that didn't work wery well. What are the realistic long term goals right now? Steam greenlight? Or some other distribution method?

People left due to a lack of new content. The platform chosen for building the game did not lend itself to adding content easily. When Camm wanted to add a new area, he literally had to copy-paste an existing area, including all its graphics and game logic, then edit that into a new area. To make matters worse, when he wanted to make a change to the game logic, he had to make the same changes over and over again in each area. Just so we're clear, I have no plans to make any significant changes to the current version of the game because there is little reward for all the effort.

My plan has always been to rebuild this game from the ground up. At the moment, I'm working on ways to get the time and money to make this happen. For example, I'm building some mobile games to cash in on the massive freemium games market. The new Atulos Online will likely be 3D, while retaining some similarity to the current game in terms of 3rd person view, click to move, etc.

I agree with all of your points and I'm doing what I can to make it happen.

No steve, people didn't leave due to new content mate,
people been playing this game since 2006 and with very few or minor updates to layout and abilities.
i agree to add to this game is a nightmare but it was rewarding to see 50 people going at it in the arena was reward enough for most of us.
to be honest i was a little annoyed with my offer of help being meeted with a "nah, your grand" attitude.
i believe the game still has tons of potential and i know for a fact with a little bit of publication in the right areas this game will be back to its former glory.
i have worked on this game for quite some time and i would be willing to work on it again... you only need to ask.
besides my issue with getting the feckin new version of premier to work has still not been resolved.
now i know that some comments above may piss you off but it's the way it is.

My suggestion would be a friend list or maybe it has one already I just don't know about. Maybe up the cap on lvling would bring back some old players again that are already capped out on the top lvl.


--- Quote ---to be honest i was a little annoyed with my offer of help being meeted with a "nah, your grand" attitude.
--- End quote ---
I understand how you feel because I've been in the same situation. It's frustrating. Please don't take it personally. The reality is that most forms of help need to be coordinated and managed. Unfortunately, I don't have any spare time for this. It's not like I can just let someone design new levels/features without either 1. turning over all the source and assets (not gonna happen) or 2. spending a crapload of time manually turning the contributed designs into something useful. I'm always trying to figure out how to make some money without locking myself into 80+ hours/week just to maintain it, so I can devote some much needed and overdue attention to Atulos Online. I really am trying!


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