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Since the server had unexpected issues (click here for more info), would you guys like to play some forum games for the meantime? I already have something lined up, I'd just want to see if you guys are interested in joining some. Fixing the server won't be that long but a little fun out of the game won't hurt and this might hype the community up a bit.

If you guys have any forum game suggestions and ideas, please feel free to comment :) Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!  ;)

Good step!
I remember the old forum game called the "3 words story" or something.
First user post the start of a sentence made of 3 words,
any answer to the thread should be only 3 words length as well, so all posts can make a "full" sentence or story.
It used to be very funny :)
Zinaly was into...

That sounds awesome Mad. I guess that'll be the first on the list. I'm just waiting for a few more people to reply here to see if they're into forum games, it wouldn't be that much fun if there were only 3 or 4 of us. The more, the merrier! :D


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