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New beginnings, take 2

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First of all, apologies for the late update.

For the last 6 years, I've been doing everything on a MacBook Air 11", including running Windows in a VM to play Atulos and work on updates. The tiny old Mac took everything I threw at it for 6 years non stop, but it was always a bit slow, not quite up to the task of working on Atulos Online (try running a Windows 7 VM on 4GB machine), and certainly not up to the task of building the sequel. I had some old Windows machines along the way, but they all gave up. So after all these years of sub-par hardware, I finally upgraded to the highest spec MacBook Pro.

Previously, my tentative plan was to double down on retro style, which was driven by nostalgia and being fairly achievable. And I was going to make it browser based and package it in Electron to publish on Steam.

But lately, I've been dabbling in the latest 3D tools and noticed immediately that the state of the art has come a long way. Not only are game engines like Unity and Unreal immensely capable - and far more capable than old favourites like Irrlicht, Ogre, and Torque - but they also give the developer a leg up in terms of documentation, tutorials, project templates, pricing, starter assets, and so on.

So at the moment, I'm in a phase of tool evaluation and experimentation, and I'm in a much better position to do this than before.

Now you all know that this is very much a side project, so I'm certainly not going to make any commitments in terms of dates; not even any rough guesses. What I will start doing, as I play with various tools and see how far I can get with them, is write about them here and publish some short videos, just to give some insight into the process.

Also, "Atulos Online 2" is just a working title. I have no idea what the final title will be. I don't want people to think they have to play Atulos Online to understand the game and I think there will come a time, after releasing Atulos Online 2, when Atulos Online is retired. The plan is to have a lot in the new game that references the old, but more as a nod to the old players than a continuation of narrative.

Good to hear for you Steve, Looking forward to seeing what comes in the future!

Thanks for the update Steve.  Wishing you all the best and hoping to play the game of your dreams :)

Is this project still moving forward?

The whole idea with the Atulos Online 2 game sounds great, may the new version be also an interesting plot as in the current version.

I'm gonna follow this post :)


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