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A multi-language game. (aka. as Butcher that Dialect)

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We have a lot of multi-language players. So, why not use those skills in a game. So, I will start a conversation, it will be ridiculous (because that is how I roll and because I only speak English).  The next person answers in a language of their choosing and states the language they used.  The hapless victim that comes next has to use whatever means possible to cipher the message and respond in a different language.  Languages will get butchered, messages will get massacred, and will make us all look really stupid to the practitioners of that language.  Only modern languages that it is possible to find a translation for online please.  If you choose to use Elvish/Klingon/a code you created in middle school with your buddy/ etc., please kindly point us to where we can translate it (or give the translation).  Little harder than the normal game but everyone has the internet and Google knows all as does So let's fail gloriously at trying to look clever.

So, here is an example: 

Ich habe eine Frage? (German)   -I have a question.         
Player 1 : jang jIHn (Klingon- translated at I have an answer.

Player 2 : E i ai e leai se mea! (Samoan) You have nothing!

Player 3 : Sai niente Jon Snow! (Italian) You know nothing Jon Snow!

Think of as you secret decoder pin.  Copy and plug in the message, choose the language it says it is, see what it is in English, then type in your answer and translate it into the chosen language of you choice and post. You Can Do This!

-and be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

Mae fy nghi oes trwyn. (Welsh) (

*Next one up translates that as best they can and attempts to carry on the conversation in another language. Good luck!*

Hoe hij ruiken? (Dutch)

Fruktansvärd! Hur luktar du? (Swedish

Já nevím, řekněte mi. (Czech)


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