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« on: August 24, 2020, 06:35:59 am »
So I had just recently PM'd Steve about this... I feel that since the level conversion, the prices of equipment have become even more inflated. I was recently a level 50 player not having enough gold to buy the Arena Pit weapon (Which is accessible at around level 15)...

This equipment price inflation really starts in Area 9 and onwards. I am currently a level 134 (With access to the Catacomb Armory, but only have 180,000 gold.)  >:(
I have the King's equipment, only because I skipped the Chamber 3 shop and the Sacred equipment shop, was forced to actually; because my level was then greater than my income, the gold just doesn't meet the level anymore... It used to, back in 2006/2007. By the time I got the 6th amulet, I've already had enough gold for the Arena Pit weapon, because the gold stacked more than the level did in the Temple where I was gold grinding before (old level 65). But since the multi-dungeon additions and the new level system, I'm damn near level 15 before I even get the 4th amulet to get inside Temple to gold grind for Hall gear lolol.

Anyway, TL:DR, I attached a RTF with this post of what I suggest the prices should be revamped to, but for the most part, low/mid level players would be happier to know that they wouldn't have to spend all their time gold grinding for equipment that they're actually over leveled for, if this were to be considered.

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