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Welcome to the Atulos Online 2 dev diary!

In the beginning, Battlefield of Atulos was built using The Games Factory. This provided a fast and easy way to create a simple game. Before too long, it outgrew TGF and was imported into Multimedia Fusion, where it was renamed Atulos Online and released in February 2006. In the 10 years since, MMF has had three major updates and each time Atulos Online has been imported into each new version to take advantage of new features and tools.

However, MMF doesn't make any distinction between gameplay and levels (or areas in Atulos Online parlance) and, as a result, it has always been quite onerous to add more areas and significantly expand the world of Atulos. Now, Atulos Online isn't a small game and that's more a testament to Camm, the original dev, than it is to MMF. The process of creating a new area starts with copy-pasting an existing area into a new one, complete with all the player and enemy objects and the entire game's rules. With the game's rules and logic duplicated in each area, any change to the game's logic has to be made not in one place, but repeatedly in every single area of the game. As you can imagine, this stifles the progress of Atulos Online.

If Atulos Online is to live on, it needs to be built on a platform that separates content from logic.

Starting today, I'm building the sequel to Atulos Online. I have laid down the very beginnings of the new foundation. It has no official name yet, so we'll just call it Atulos Online 2 for now.

The plan is to build a new MMORPG that remains faithful to all the good aspects of Atulos Online, such as its simple, free-flowing gameplay, while providing far more content and gameplay variation. Over the years there have been a lot of great suggestions to improve the game and it has been frustrating not being able to implement most them.

Feel free to ask questions and I will keep you all posted with progress updates.

Glad to hear some news of you. May I ask, what kind of platform you have in mind?


--- Quote from: Aerith on December 11, 2016, 03:47:13 pm ---Glad to hear some news of you. May I ask, what kind of platform you have in mind?

--- End quote ---
Web. I'll see how far I can take it. The browser is an incredibly powerful platform now and lends itself well to games. The intention is to start building it as a pure web app, mainly for ease of development, then package it up using Electron. This way, it will run on Windows, Mac and Linux. I can also look into options for running on tablets after the desktop version is on Steam.

The first big step will be to import some assets from Atulos Online and get some basic player movement and world rendering going.

Good to hear from you Steve. A new engine and platform for Atulos sounds like a good way to breathe life into the game. Do you have plans for more multiplayer integration in the sequel, particularly in PvE?

I'll believe it when I see it


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