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One day, in the land of Oz, the scarecrow was watching the two moons rising. The scarecrow noticed the arrival of a mysterious figure in the moonlight. The figure dashed into the forest beckoning to the large dildo of a forest imp that was praying for an adventurer to rescue his beloved pet rock called Mr. Snuffles. Poor Mr. Snuffles, formerly a fire-breathing manatee, had been enchanted by the diabolical necromancer, Ted. Ted was slowly amassing a LARGE zen rock garden to combat the terrible emptiness he felt within his sack of sending which ingested all his rare magical Pokemon card collection.

The mysterious figure, Ted's frenemy Bill set off to brave the unknown. His goal was to liberate rocks. First he crawled into a dank dark cave where pendulous stalactites protruded from the ceiling, dripping and oozing. Around the corner a Gelatinous Cube slid into our intrepid adventurer's path, who then heroically walked around it. He joyously proclaimed, "Damn I'm Good!" He proceeded onward, groping the darkness. Until the darkness,groped him back. Gripping him was a translucent tentacle. The creature said, "You want to build a snowman?" Suddenly Scarecrow appeared casting a fireball that consumed the monster and himself. Leaving poor Bill fumbling for his taco bell sporks to fling boogers at old players because he enjoys dressing in fishnets every second Sunday while dancing Burlesque sipping on martinis and pretending to dance on Broadway just like Columbia from Rocky Horror.

Meanwhile, Thaumaturgist Ted, sits down to ponder why he even bothered to care about his old friend Bill in the beginning so he decides to kill him slowly and painfully using only his favorite succubus named Madam Ivanna Suksalot. They decide to play some Pinnacle while planning their vacation to Barbados. Ivanna suddenly remembered how badly she needed to buy Star Trek Tricorders so she can plumb the depths where no man has gone before except the legendary Angelus of Atulos who was inebriated bound and blindfolded at the time of the mishap with the tricorder.

Ivanna set off to the cave where Bill sat contemplating his failure in his game and lackluster career. He began to feel like a limp dish rag
miles away from his ordinary feeling of utter superiority. There he moped like a dead god of old, useless and worthless
like dead games.

Ivanna slowly sauntered up behind Bill, pinning his puny arms behind him while pressing her lips against his. Bill grimaced in disgust and tried to slink away. Alas, he was no match for her cannibalistic sucking prowess and power. Ivanna left his lifeless corpse there thinking to herself, "I've had better!"

She returned home to Ted who was so overjoyed at Bill's demise that he tongued:P Ivanna in celebration and abruptly died. Leaving Ivanna well endowed with Ted's estate and items. She counted the stolen Pokémon cards she had hijacked from his sack many years ago.  She then transformed poor Mr. Snuffles, the fire-breathing manatee and installed him in the moat.  Finally, she hastened to call upon the well equipped little forest imp to bid him to immediately come and show her a good time while playing with her unparalleled collection of Pokémon cards.

They all lived happily ever after, catching them all.