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I'm not dead

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Hi there, everyone,

just a shoot to give you all some news from me, I'm sorry, I was like dead but actually I'm not,arf :D
It's just I am not able to play since months but I do not despair, I'll get a Windows licence sooner or later.
I hope Atulos is still running wild as ever and I'm sure we'll meet again soon.
In the meantime I wish to thank the great ones that keep Atulos alive, Steve and Camm first, every ones of you guys then.
Hope to log in soon.
Much love from Europe

Glad to hear from you, Mad :)

I'd love to see you around again.

Before the steam release, it was possible to run Atulos under Linux using wine. However, steam somehow realised that Atulos was only checked for Windows and would not allow any attempts in running it under Linux anymore.

Somehow frustrating if you consider that it actually was running before the steam release using the wine trick.

Hope to meet you soon in game.

Kindest Regards


I'm not dead either...just smell that way sometimes! For some reason I am unable to log into game myself..has something to do with the steam thing. My son set up the steam account and I don't know any of the pw info

I'm not dead either.

im also alive


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