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launguage and usernames


I wish some of the language on the Atulos online game would get sopped for several reasons and some of the usernmes are not right

Good point.

In my opinion the usernames could be handled by the use of a three layer ban system: name, char and account. Name ban would check against a list of unwanted usernames, char ban would affect only one special character
and account ban would affect steam accounts.

An useful chat censoring would be pretty nice too, all though hard to implement. (just scanning for the string "ass" would censor words like "glass" or "grass" as well but wont remove "Ass", "4ss" "") Maybe checking against a list of RegEx would do the job. GMs/Admins could update that list, but who's out there that knows how to do RegEx?

In the end, it is up to the Admins to decide.

Kindest Regards



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