Author Topic: More Combat Ideas (than just roll up to your enemy)  (Read 4829 times)


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More Combat Ideas (than just roll up to your enemy)
« on: May 11, 2016, 06:19:33 pm »
I would love this game to be more stragedy like but will see. So this will be covering new attacks that COULD be put into the game but is very unlikely do to the fact I don't know what the developer wants XD.

I have been playing this game so far for three hours and grinding it and its really fun I just wish there was more to do. I don't have premier yet and plan on probably getting it soon so I can do quest but I wish there was more strategy into the game for example like adding new attacks.
here what I had in mind for some of the classes you can play so far.
And of course you don't have to start with these things you will probably get them through chest in dungeons Like Books that make you learn the attacks or something XD.
When you see a ? its up to the developer to decide (Unless the community wants to decide )
Also sorry if these features are already added to the game

Earth and Fire Mage: Can use multiple spell attacks like.
Stunning Spell: Stuns the enemy for ?Secs Dmg? Reload time?
Fire spell: Lights the enemy on fire for ?Secs Dmg? Reload time?
Poisen: poisons the enemy for ?Secs Dmg? Reload time?
Zues Spell: Fires a lightning bolt from the sky onto the enemy doing damage.Dmg? Reload time?
Heal yourself spell: Heals:? Reload time? But a long time because its basically a free potion

Now as for the Knight dwarfs and warriors and Guardians. I believe all of these characters use some kind of sword or axe so.

Jump Attack: Dmg? Reload time?
spin attack: Dmg? Reload time?
Going to add more ideas in this area soon if developer likes them or community does.


Also leave your suggestions down below if you wanna see something added to the game maybe XD.
Very unorganized post but it will do for now. Also sorry for the grammar I know it sucks.


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Re: More Combat Ideas (than just roll up to your enemy)
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 06:01:43 pm »
yes, these are good ideas already explored by numerous other mmorpgs... I think the dev knows about all other mmos yet decided to keep it as it is , and it is fine by me