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--- Quote from: Aerith ---
* Make the chat box bigger, such that there is more time to read the text
* Don't jump to the newest message when it appears if you have scrolled up
* Create an "enlarge" feature allowing you to enlarge the chat massively if you click it. Press an [x] and it goes back to normal size. This way, when you want to chat, you have the large box at the cost of visible map area. Otherwise, you have the normal look from right now.

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* Separat Chats: An implementation of several chatboxes.  They can be selected just like tabs or registers by pressing a little button next to them. Each of them shows different content like [W] World Chat, [L] Local Chat, [A] Everything together. Of course, they can be extended in future to show [G] guild chat or [P] party chat etc. Of course, Game generated messages appear in all of them as well as GM/Admin messages
* Advanced Ignore System: I have heard that there have been some issues with the /ignore command (Not working if there are spaces in the players name?). In addition, the current system allowes only one string to be entered to match player names to ignore them (afai). Would it be possible to have an ignore list for each player. Thus, if I want to ignore a player, I probably could just tick a box next to his name in the player list.
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Since there's a lot of unused space on the right below the player list, it could be used for the chat box, I thought something like this (excuse my ms paint skills):

Maybe the tab buttons could be renamed with right-click or a drop-down menu with other options to customize the tabs (e.g. text color, player name color, guild member color, show/hide level up messages, etc).


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