Author Topic: [1] Conmaan's Suggestions - Quality of Life Changes - Menus and Player Feedback  (Read 1957 times)


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PREFACE: I am going to be splitting my suggestions into several different threads in order to keep things organized, and because that is how things are done on many other forums that I have visited. If a moderator finds that this makes the suggestions board too cluttered, I'd be happy to consolidate the posts into one. Also, I apologize if any of my ideas have already been stated. These are just the ideas that I have come up with after having played the game for about an hour.

Now, onto the good stuff.


By player feedback I'm talking about players getting feedback from the games interface.

Walking feels pretty clunky at the moment, both because the autopath feature does not automatically go around walls, and because when clicking on a piece of terrain, players receive no visual affirmation that where they clicked is where their avatar is going to move towards. My suggestion in regards to player feedback would be a better autopath feature (that automatically goes around walls) and some sort of visual indicator that shows on the terrain where the avatar will move to when a player clicks on a location.


Instead of items being replaced automatically on purchase, it would be nice to have a fully fleshed out inventory menu with more slots, and a wider range of weapons and armor, so that players can make more intelligent purchasing decisions, and are allowed to adopt new playstyles. I'll go into the benefits of the range of weapons/armor in another thread. There would also have to be a equip/unequip item feature added to this. My recommendation would be to have a drag/drop system.


In addition to the inventory menu, it'd be nice to see a tab that lists the character's stats, including their current skills points, level, some leaderboard-esque numbers (such as number of enemies killed, etc.), total health, and current exp(over)exp needed to level up.


A pause screen with a brief text based tutorial of game mechanics, as well as an "Exit Game", "Graphics Settings", and "Audio Settings" feature would be a wonderful quality of life change.


That's it for the moment. I'll update this as necessary. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.