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Saving your game


Last night I encountered a bit of a self induced roll back on my character, what happened is I was logged on to atulos via steam on my laptop I then moved to my pc and logged on to another game on steam this disconnected my game from steam. The disconnect from steam logged me out. I lost about 5 levels. Due to the fact that I hadn't initiated a save my self by clicking esc.

This got me thinking. Maybe a newer game save system would be a really good feature. Something that possibly saves your game when moving from area to area (depending on server impact ) or something like saving your game every so often. With the coming of the steam release I'd hate for a massive inflow of players to crash the server and then all those new players to lose there progress, I don't know how much of a concern this is but I can't imagine it would be a good first impression.

Along with pressing Escape, visiting an Inn also updates your progress on the server, which when you are at a lower level you visit frequently.

We'll look at other possible times that a character's progress could be updated on the server.

Ah, I wasn't sure if that was still the case, for me I can kill mountain rolls almost all day with out having to go and heal, which is why the 5 levels were lost.

As far as I remember, in the old clientsided system, the charfiles were updated whenever the area has been changed or a save at an inn has been done. With the serversided system, it was only saved when logging out or saving at an inn to minimize server traffic. I made the suggestion back then to update only changes rather than sending the entire char files. It might be a good idea to rethink about it: whenever an area is changed, a short message consisting of XP-gained and Gold-gained
is sent to the server and updated in the char database. (Send the differences, so you get along with smaller numbers). In addition, messages for obtaining items like pots, orbs, archery etc. could be sent on receiving them.



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