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Mountain (MT) wins season 152! Season 153 is underway.


Big congratulations to the Mountain (MT) guild which has convincingly won season 152 of the Arena Wars, breaking the White Knights (WK) guild's winning streak.

Here are the results:

RankGuildWins1Mountain (MT)1012Vampiric Legion (VL)563White Knights (WK)544Attero ()155Red Hand (RH)7
Vampiric Legion also staged a comeback after a disappointing season 151, taking out 2nd place by a nose.

Finally, special mention goes to Attero () for breaking into the top 5 for the first time since season 1, achieving this result with two original guild members and their son!


Great to see a number of guilds quite active.  WD all.

Thanks all!  it feels good to have my new guild win the season, and i agree that it's great to see new people, new guilds, new things happening here!!
Looking forward to pushing the other guilds to win this one  :D

Grats guys, nice win!!!


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