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In the old times, the entrance of the castle was used to train, to spare or to fight others with our lv 100 chars in the old system (lv 10 in the new lv system).
Now, that the levels autoscale down to the corresponding war type, I was wondering, wether it would be possible to create a location where players
could enter and get their chars level scaled to lv 10 or lv 70 in order to have even chances.

It would be nice, if upon defeat, one would respawn at the entrance of the battle area with full health and all pots in order to minimize wait time inbetween fights. I am thinking of four well separated fighting spaces connected by a fifth, central area (where you join). It would be pure awesomeness, if one could place a well of restoration in the central area that would restore health and pots to any player - this would allow the winner of the fight to recover his health and potions without having to run anywhere or being killed.


PS: could anyone remind me on what areas are now PVP-save, what areas have reduced PVP-damage and where you get the full dmg from other players?

That's a great idea A.  I always found it frustrating having to go back to 'recharge' after fighting and losing pots or Health level.  There are quite a few new players supporting the game and they would certainly benefit from your expertise and that of others.  Can't help you with the info on PVP except that where you are safe you can't wield a weapon - nothing happens (e.g. outside Arena).
Not sure how others feel about this, but would it be good to assign new players a random guild from current guilds?

Well, do not ask me why, I wouldn't be able to answer, but I think this is something Steve and Camm will think about as soon as the game will bring (back and not back) (more) players...

I thought of a training area too, placed near the arena with minions that you could choose how tough they are. Then you could train even if you are alone. One day there may always be enough players who want to train, until then we need a way to train alone.

would love to see this in the game completely agree


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