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Quest info on your characters menu


Maybe it would be greatfull to have an ption of quest info if you forgot what you need to do exactly so you dont need to go back to the questroom to read what you need to do.

LOL  I've done that too :(  Either talking to peeps or just not paying attention.  The penalty is you have to go back to see which mission you are on.  I just spent a while cleaning out dungeon 1-5 only to find that I should have been in Temple 1-5.  You just have to laugh!

     I scream!  And then i laugh. :)       (Runt)

I second you here, it's very frustating when you're in the middle of a quest, doing something else and then you ask yourself "er, what was that quest already??".
There is something to be done here for sure.


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